odlewnia żeliwa fansuld, odlewnia usługowa, fansuld foundry


Thanks to the use of cutting-edge engineering software, we are able to quickly develop the product shape, process technology and determine the cost of implementation.

3D designing allows precise development
of documentation and execution of foundry equipment with the use of CNC technology.


In order to ensure the highest quality and reliability of our products, we constantly monitor the technical parameters of the process. Our laboratory routinely carries out a number of tests associated with metallurgy and the form creation technology.
With a complex production process like the one we deal with, even the tiniest details are of great importance.



 odlewnia żeliwa fansuld, odlewnia usługowa, fansuld foundry




 We provide comprehensive design and executive services:
  preparation of the foundry equipment and casting design based on
  the provided documentation or detail
- execution of complete foundry equipment
- adaptation, optimization of the existing modeling,
- equipment repair and regeneration
  Cores are made using the following methods:
- Hot-Box
- Cold-Box (CO2, amines)