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The “FANSULD” Iron Foundry is a dynamically growing Polish family business founded in 1991. The company’s over 20 years of experience has allowed it to build a strong and well-established brand on the market. FANSULD is a leading Polish producer of cast iron, enjoying the reputation of a modern and reliable company continually investing in innovative process and product solutions. The full portfolio of products is made at the plant in Końskie (the Świętokrzyskie Province). The company exports products i.a. to the markets of: Germany, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia.

As of 2006, the company has a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001. Implemented in 2011 was an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. The Certificates of Compliance were issued by the TÜV SÜD MANAGEMENT SERVICE Company.

March 2012 saw the end of works associated with the launching of the project – the new, innovative process line. All the machinery comprising the new, automated molding line was produced by the world’s best companies which have been making foundry equipment for decades:

  flaskless FBO V molding machine - HWS (Heinrich Wagner Sinto) - Japan

  turbine mixer - EIRICH - Germany

  vibrofluidized cooler and tipping grate - KÜTNER - Germany

  automated induction pouring furnace - OTTO JUNKER - Germany

  core-shooter - PRIMAFOND - Italy

  dedusting system - Nederman (formerly Dantherm Filtration) - Sweden

It is worth mentioning that the FBO V
molding machine is the first device
of its kind installed in Europe.

Thanks to the technological advancement,
the new process line opens up a wide range
of production capabilities.


odlewnia żeliwa fansuld, odlewnia usługowa, fansuld foundry